Midwest ATC has been dedicated to providing quality air traffic control and related aviation services since 1978.  Currently operating nearly 100 air traffic control towers globally, Midwest ATC’s team of supremely qualified professionals safely accommodates millions of aircraft movements annually. We proudly serve the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), The Canadian Department of National Defense (DND), Transport Canada, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), National Science Foundation, municipalities and other organizations.


Midwest ATC has provided radar approach control services for over a decade. We were the first U.S. company to be tasked to provide air traffic control services in Afghanistan and surrounding nations.  Midwest ATC has provided radar services to the US Department of Defense (DoD) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).


Midwest ATC’s Air Terminal and Ground Handling Service (ATGHS) personnel have a long and productive history in meeting ever-evolving aviation support challenges competently, efficiently and safely. Our ATGHS personnel perform a variety of functions such as:

  • Air Terminal Operations Center (ATOC)
  • Load Planning, Passenger Service
  • Fleet Service, Cargo Service
  • Aircraft/Ramp Service

Midwest ATC employees possess multiple International, Civil, and Military qualifications and certifications.  Our ATGHS personnel are some of the most experienced in the industry, enabling them to perform difficult tasks in some of the most remote locations in the world.   In the past two years, Midwest ATC’s ATGHS personnel at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba have processed over 4,200 short tons of cargo, secured and stored over 3,500 short tons of mail and our Passenger Services Agents have been responsible for assisting over 50,000 passengers transiting Naval Air Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.


Our Aircraft Maintenance personnel are highly experienced and qualified technicians that possess either an approved Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Frame and Power Plant license or similar military qualification. Midwest ATC has extensive proven performance, and comprehensive understanding of the unique Aircraft Maintenance requirements and challenges around the world.  Our maintainers pride themselves in being able to perform in areas such as:

  • Refueling
  • De-fueling
  • Follow me services
  • Arrival/departure service
  • De-icing
  • Completing applicable maintenance forms
  • Logging information into the Global Decision Support System (GDSS).

Midwest ATC Aircraft Maintenance personnel have and continue to provide services to nearly 90 different types of International, Civil and Military aircraft, helicopter, and unmanned platforms.


Midwest ATC provides total cargo management services to clients such as the US Navy with a goal of maximizing aircraft utilization. We are experts in:

  • Processing cargo
  • Recording movements of cargo
  • Special handling of hazardous materials
  • Loading and unloading


Midwest ATC has been providing weather observing and reporting services since 1978. Starting with one location, Midwest ATC has provided weather services to dozens of airports throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Members of our operational team are LAWRS (Limited Aviation Weather Reporting Station) certified by the FAA and routinely provide augmentation and backup of automated weather systems (ASOS, AWSS, AWOS-C), as well as manually generated weather observations where required or necessary.  In addition to weather observation services, our Canada team provided AIS (Airman Information Service) services to include provision of aviation forecasts, weather advisories and warnings, and flight weather briefings in support of local flight operations. We recently added weather observation and forecasting services at Keesler Air Force Base in Keesler, MS. These services support safe, effective airfield, flying and ground operations, and resource protection for Keesler Air Force Base, and transient aircrews and are essential to the safety and success of the 81st Training Wing (TRW) and the 403rd Wing (WG), which carries out Hurricane Hunter and tactical airlift missions.

Rigorous quality control measures help us ensure that we deliver the highest quality of weather observing and reporting services to our customers.


Midwest ATC airfield managers provide a full range of airfield management services expected at military installations including airport construction activities. We are experts in:

  • Flight Planning
  • Airfield Inspections
  • Manage Base Flight Information Publications
  • Manage BASH Program
  • NOTAM Processing
  • Flight Following


Midwest ATC has extensive experience in providing air traffic control technical training as well as other relevant aviation training. Utilizing classroom and on-the-job training, Midwest ATC regularly provides basic, refresher, remedial and other required training to seasoned controllers as well as students. In 2005 we established the first enroute air traffic control center contracted to an entity outside the US government when we opened the Kabul Area Control Center (ACC). Midwest ATC created a non-radar training academy to provide initial training to incoming Kabul Area Control Center (KACC) personnel.  Controllers who attended this training academy were certified as much as 60% faster than those that deployed before creation of the academy, thereby reducing on-the-job training times.

Midwest ATC was also responsible for training Afghan nationals in a variety of aviation disciplines, beginning with tower air traffic control. Previously we have worked under two separate agreements, one through the DoD and one through the International Office of the FAA, to provide training to Afghan nationals so that Afghan airspace could eventually transition to sovereign control.

ATCALS & Other Maintenance

Midwest ATC currently has prime contractor responsibility to maintain and support all Aviation C2, communications equipment and typical ATCALS suites of equipment utilized in support of air traffic control services.

Midwest ATC personnel perform all scheduled and unscheduled preventative maintenance with the goal of exceeding target operational availability requirements. In addition to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, Midwest ATC technicians implement configuration changes, modifications, alterations, upgrades, and installations of all fixed/mobile radar, communications and navigation aid systems including radar processing and display systems and associated connectivity equipment.


Midwest ATC provides efficient management, receipt and accountability, inspection and maintenance services for vehicle fleet and transient vehicles. Services include:

  • Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
  • Maintaining Maintenance Records
  • Major and Minor repairs
  • Mobile Maintenance Services.