Kansas Based Company Providing Air Traffic Control & Airfield Management in Central/SW Asia

Overland Park, Kansas – On Monday, September 26, 2005 a Russian built Antonov 124 (AN 124), arrived at Kansas City International Airport to pick up a mobile air traffic control tower for transport to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
Midwest ATC, the first private sector contractor to provide air traffic control and airfield management support services at U.S. bases throughout Southwest Asia is again proving its value to the Air Traffic Control System by providing mobile air traffic control facilities to augment those already in use in Afghanistan.

In 2003, in an unprecedented government outsourcing initiative to relieve critical military resources, the Commander, United States Central Command Air Forces selected the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program (AFCAP) and Midwest ATC to provide a full range of air traffic management capabilities at air bases in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, two bases in Afghanistan, and regional management activities in Qatar. Midwest is providing all personnel, supervision, logistical support, and other capabilities necessary to plan and provide all the aforementioned services at the various locations. In addition to its radar approach control, tower and airfield management services, in July this year, Midwest ATC established non-radar Air Control Center (ACC) services for Afghanistan operating out of a Regional Flight Information Center at Kabul International Airport, Afghanistan, also an unprecedented accomplishment.

Midwest ATC is a subcontractor to Readiness Management Support (RMS) under AFCAP and is the first contractor outside of the Department of Defense (DoD) or the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that has ever been selected to provide tower, radar control and airfield management in a forward deployed operating environment.

“This most recent exemplary performance by Midwest ATC getting personnel in-place, on schedule and within budget is yet another example of the “can do” attitude continually demonstrated by this world class air traffic control service provider over the past four years in meeting AFCAP short notice, difficult requirements on critical DoD projects,” said Jim Mitchell, Director of Operations, of Readiness Management Support. “RMS provides services to any U.S. Government agency in contingency scenarios and this latest accomplishment by Midwest ATC coupled with its past work is crucial to our efforts on behalf of the U.S. government and in support of “Operation Enduring Freedom” – the war on terrorism,” he said.

Midwest ATC, headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas has been a leader in promoting and providing air traffic control services and systems since 1978. The company specializes in air traffic control, weather reporting, radio/navigational aid maintenance, air traffic control tower construction for fixed and mobile control towers. Midwest currently provides air traffic services in over 84 communities across the U.S., including several in Kansas and Missouri. They also have operations in seven other countries around the world.